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        • What are the technical characteristics of spiral wake-up tower
          What are the technical characteristics of spiral wake-up ...

          Spiral wake-up tower is the most ideal equipment for industrial bread production. It can link with the whole production line to realize continuous unattended automatic production. Because it has reliable and precise control system, it can ensure perfect wake-up quality, wake-up time can be adjusted in a certain model text, temperature and humidity can be ...


        • Characteristics of tunnel oven
          Characteristics of tunnel oven

          Tunnel oven uses heating elements such as electric heating plate or far-infrared heating plate to heat and bake materials. It has independent heating temperature zone, a cooling temperature zone and circulating air design. The temperature of each point in the oven is uniform.


        • Function and characteristics of wake-up hair box
          Function and characteristics of wake-up hair box

          The purpose of waking up is to make dough gassy and bulky again, so as to get the volume needed for the finished product, and to make steamed bread and bread products have better eating quality. It is necessary to wake up the reshaped dough, regenerate the gas, make the dough bulky and get a proper size. The main factors affecting the quality of steamed b...


        • Application and Advantage of Tunnel Furnace
          Application and Advantage of Tunnel Furnace

          High temperature tunnel oven is widely used in baking of baked goods with chemical gases and food processing industry, stress removal of substrate, curing of ink, drying of paint film, etc. It is widely used in precision baking, drying, tempering, preheating, setting and processing of electronics, motors


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